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Selling a house is not easy and can create some complicated problems…. We can create the perfect solution….

We will make sure we understand your situation and your real estate needs and then present you with a solution. We have no “one size fits all” offer. We can offer some very flexible options that you simply can’t get by selling the traditional way. Give us a call at 661-490-9447.

How does the process work when selling my house to you?
Do you buy houses that need a lot of repairs?
Do you buy houses that do not need any repairs?
How long does it take to get an offer?
How long does it take to sell my house and get the money?
Are there any fees if I sell my house to you?
If I request an offer from you, am I obligated to sell you my house?
Will you still buy my house even if there is a tenant living there?

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